Threesomes for Dummies : How to Have a Threesome

The threesome: you may have heard of this practice for released couples. But what exactly does this mean, which couples are willing to test the threesome, and with whom? Reply.

Sexual practices are diverse and varied to satisfy all the desires and expectations of women and men. Some people are satisfied with rather conventional practices when others need a more atypical sexuality to see their body vibrate and feel free. Continue reading Threesomes for Dummies : How to Have a Threesome

Dating sites vs Dating Apps, an ideal couple

The fact that we are more and more connected is not new, but it is good that dating sites have followed this evolution to provide users with functional and effective dating applications.

The difference between a dating site and a dating application is, however, palpable. When we use a site at home, like Tinder Gratuit for example, we take the time to build our messages, we often think about the turn of a sentence before sending it, and we can even allow voice or by camera interposed to accelerate a little things. Continue reading Dating sites vs Dating Apps, an ideal couple

Best Dating Apps of 2018 – Hook Up with Hot Singles or Find Love Online

Before, when we wanted to meet someone, we had to go to a bar. Then there were the dating sites. Now, there are the applications. Indeed, there are dozens of compatible applications for both iPhone and for devices using the operating system Google. After introducing you to applications that facilitate infidelity, we have come up with five apps that will help singles to flirt and meet new people.


Most singles have already heard of Tinder. Unlike other dating services, Tinder focuses exclusively on mobile. To find new contacts, he also uses geolocation.

Also, unlike other dating sites, Tinder does not ask for a lot of information about his passions, his interests or his level of education. The image is what is most important. After all, when we meet a girl in a bar, we will not talk to her because she seems to have a higher education level. It’s often the appearance that attracts us first … Continue reading Best Dating Apps of 2018 – Hook Up with Hot Singles or Find Love Online

Swipe Buster, the website to find out if your partner is using Tinder

The Swipe Buster site has been offering since last week, and for the modest sum of $ 5, to check if your partner is registered and active on the Tinder dating app.

A new tool at the disposal of all the dull lovers who doubt. Even if everyone agrees that to preserve a couple there is nothing better than dialogue, it can be tempting to search the phone of his lover (s). Especially in a society where adultery is just a click away.

Quite controversial, Swipe Buster is a site that makes online spying very easy. Yes, easier than memorizing the password of your other half.

Discreetly unveiled last week, the service lets users know if their partner uses the Tinder app. Their partner, or their ex, a co-worker … Anyone does it. Continue reading Swipe Buster, the website to find out if your partner is using Tinder

Best Dating Apps: TOP 10

online dating via the best dating app will be the ideal solution for you! But which application to choose, among the hundreds that are on the market?

With our top 10 best dating apps in 2018, you will not have to ask yourself a question!

Top 10: What is the best dating app?

After a lot of more or less successful tests, we have established this top 10 so that you can find the best meeting application according to your expectations and your tastes! Dating, flirt, ass shots, there will be something for everyone!

# 1 NRJ Chat

Tchat Gratuit NRJ dating application is intended for all Francophones who want to meet a soulmate speaking their language abroad!

The originality of this application is to be able to do research with spoken language as the first selection criterion. Very well thought, with a neat interface and very readable, we love this application. Continue reading Best Dating Apps: TOP 10

Programming languages ​​to create an Android application

Android development is experiencing a boom in recent years, so it is not surprising that many developers want to make their specialization. But what are the prerequisites to become Android developer? In reality, there is only one: knowing the appropriate programming languages.

Which is the best programming language for app development?

It is essential to know Java well before you can develop for Android, but most developers also use XML. These two languages ​​are indeed recommended by Google for the creation of Android applications. Continue reading Programming languages ​​to create an Android application

How can a business application improve your teams’ productivity?

The mobile technologies have gained all the poles of the company, from administration to customer service to production. Although smartphones were initially feared to be a waste of time and a source of deconcentration, today many organizations are witnessing the remarkable efficiency gains achieved with mobile phones. An application can not only boost your business productivity, but also enhance your brand image, giving it an innovative facet. Continue reading How can a business application improve your teams’ productivity?