Best Dating Apps of 2018 – Hook Up with Hot Singles or Find Love Online

Before, when we wanted to meet someone, we had to go to a bar. Then there were the dating sites. Now, there are the applications. Indeed, there are dozens of compatible applications for both iPhone and for devices using the operating system Google. After introducing you to applications that facilitate infidelity, we have come up with five apps that will help singles to flirt and meet new people.


Most singles have already heard of Tinder. Unlike other dating services, Tinder focuses exclusively on mobile. To find new contacts, he also uses geolocation.

Also, unlike other dating sites, Tinder does not ask for a lot of information about his passions, his interests or his level of education. The image is what is most important. After all, when we meet a girl in a bar, we will not talk to her because she seems to have a higher education level. It’s often the appearance that attracts us first …

So, after entering your preferences (gender and age), the application will propose you candidates. It’s up to you to love them or us. If a girl has also loved you, then you can get in touch. The operation is very simple and some say that is what made its success.

The application is available on iOS and Android.


Now available in the beautiful province, Speedflirt allows, according to the website of the service, to flirt with “nice singles like you open (s) to meetings near you, everywhere in Quebec. On the other hand, we do not know whether to respect certain criteria of “beauty” …

Anyway, Speedflirt, once opened, shows its user the members closest to him and who are his age. After all, when you live in Montreal, it’s a bit more complicated to meet a woman who lives on the North Shore.

The site also asks to respect a certain code of conduct. In addition, accounts are deleted after three months of inactivity to ensure that members are still active (there is nothing more frustrating than falling on dozens of inactive accounts of girls who have already found great love) . “Free” members are entitled to a flirt for every 24 hours, while “premium” members (each new user gets this subscription for one week) are entitled to 10 flirts per day and can view more than one image per profile .

The app is available for iOS, Android and even Facebook.

Réseau Contact

Réseau Contact is a must in Quebec. The dating network has been around for years. In fact, we all know someone who has already been a member of this site once in their life. With the popularity of dating apps, the site has had little choice but to modernize. It is now possible to download the free app for iOS or Android.

The application allows to find singles according to different criteria, including geolocation. It also allows you to access your mailbox (read and send messages) and edit your profile picture. So if you find that this morning you have a pretty face, you can take a selfie and update your profile picture. Convenient!

Needless to say, you must be a member of Réseau Contact to use the application …


Another must-have in the field of online dating: Badoo. It must be said that with its 222 million users (including 100,000 new each day), this service is hard to beat. According to the site, the Badoo app is in the top 10 apps in several countries, including Canada.

Again, this application uses geolocation, which means that if your beautiful neighbor has an account on Badoo, you can probably see his profile on the application.

You can also search by interest. Because even if your neighbor is really beautiful, if you have absolutely nothing in common, it may be a little more difficult for the future. But hey, do not we say that opposites attract?

The application is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.



DOWN is based on the same process as Tinder, except that it is linked to your Facebook account. This application works in two stages. First, you identify the people in your list of friends with whom you would like to have sex. Then, if the person you identified did the same for you, you will both be notified. It’s up to you to see how you manage things afterwards.