Best Dating Apps: TOP 10

online dating via the best dating app will be the ideal solution for you! But which application to choose, among the hundreds that are on the market?

With our top 10 best dating apps in 2018, you will not have to ask yourself a question!

Top 10: What is the best dating app?

After a lot of more or less successful tests, we have established this top 10 so that you can find the best meeting application according to your expectations and your tastes! Dating, flirt, ass shots, there will be something for everyone!

# 1 NRJ Chat

Tchat Gratuit NRJ dating application is intended for all Francophones who want to meet a soulmate speaking their language abroad!

The originality of this application is to be able to do research with spoken language as the first selection criterion. Very well thought, with a neat interface and very readable, we love this application.

For now, the results vary greatly depending on the research, countries and nationalities desired, but it’s a safe bet that it will experience rapid growth quickly. For friendly or romantic meetings, do not hesitate to try NRJ Chat!

NRJ Chat Mobile is now available for mobile phones and desktop computers.

# 2 Happn

This application was able to innovate in a market where originality ended up missing. Indeed, Happn uses a very precise geolocation system that allows you to find and contact people you meet in your daily life!

You have noticed a pretty girl in a subway train, and she does not seem insensitive to your looks … but she goes down and disappears. For ever ? Not anymore, because if it is on Happn, an application more and more used in the big cities, you can contact her.

By showing you only profiles that you have crossed within a radius of less than 2km, the Happn application offers great efficiency and allows to easily approach crush a moment! The only flaw is that you may meet colleagues or relatives, who make the same journeys as you! But if you assume your desire to meet, go for it!

Signup to Happn Appli and meet people you’ve crossed paths with.

# 3 Badoo

Badoo is one of the most visited social networking sites in the world. It is totally free and allows you to get in touch with millions of users in France or abroad!

Originally, it is a website that has been developed into a mobile application, with success. On Badoo, meetings of all kinds are very easy as the community of permanently connected is great. There are friendly meetings, more serious meetings and we can even easily find some plans.

However, Badoo is not free of defects. Its free admission leads to a very low number of low quality profiles: very young members, false profiles, uneducated users … you have to take the time to sort out to meet the right people!

But Badoo is a good meeting application, which occupies and allows chatting at any time!

# 4 Pof

Pof, which is the acronym for Plenty of Fish is the completely free application that takes the foundations of the Canadian site of the same name.

It is intended for all singles who wish to make serious meetings and is undoubtedly among the best dating applications of the moment.

Indeed, with free features, an ultra functional interface on both IOS and Android and more and more members in France, we meet interesting and varied profiles. The age of the members is between 25 and 45 years old, and the discussions are interesting.

POF is between the pure dating application and the social network, with a system of likes and comments. Very nice to use, however there are some fake profiles as on all free applications. But with a little sort, the problem is quickly resolved.

# 5 Lovoo

Lovoo plays on several boards. If at the beginning, the application of meeting is destined only to the serious meetings, it has become over time an application on which naughty encounters are possible.

Among its strengths, it can be noted that the application can be used free of charge. There is a subscription system that multiplies your possibilities (with unlimited use) but that did not seem essential. Even without paying, we meet Lovoo easily.

The application is based on your desires and your expectations to put you in touch with the members who correspond to you. Lying on the side of dating affinities (without being as advanced as the specialists of the genre), this application is a good compromise between the dating site and a social network.

The interface is optimal and fishing only by a lack of profiles, for the moment, to be the best mobile dating application of its kind!

# 6 AdopteUnMec

The AdopteUnMec application uses exactly the same concept as the site of the same name. We thus find the same qualities and the same defects.

Among its qualities, note its originality that makes it unique. The concept of the store on which women come to shop men is always nice and males who take the game will be delighted to be adopted on the platform. Humor and self-deprecation are at the rendezvous and dating, serious or sexier, are easily done.

Very popular, especially among 18-35 year olds, the application offers choice and ergonomics well thought for this mobile version. We spend time willingly, if we let ourselves be taken by this particular delirium!

However, you should know that if the use is 100% free for women, men will have to pay to sell on the app! In addition, there are many small in-app purchases that serve to enhance the attractiveness of a profile.

But despite this, it’s one of the best dating apps we know!

# 7 Grindr

Grindr is the Gay Tinder! And to be precise, it’s even this application that appeared before Tinder! With a colossal success, we saw appear a heterosexual version with the success we know him.

It’s simple: it’s the best gay dating app out there. It is ultra used, since it is still the number 1 online dating method in the homo community, and the results are striking. With a very precise geolocation system, Grindr can meet people in his area in a few messages.

No taboo, the pictures are very telling about the application, but at least we quickly know what the members are looking for: mainly shots!

Grindr works both in France and abroad and its free version is largely sufficient for good results. The paying mode only serves to improve the comfort of use and is intended for the very big users!

# 8 Mektoube

Mektoube is the number 1 app for the Maghreb countries. It allows to get in touch with members of the same religious confession (Muslim), or with common cultural affinities. If you want to meet users Tunisians, Algerians, or Moroccans, or North Africans of France, this is the best dating app!

Frequented by more than 1 million members, it makes a lot of meetings very easy. However, you must subscribe to a combined site + application subscription to use the platform at 100%

But if you have specific tastes and expectations for dating, Mektoube could be the right choice.

# 9 Tinder

Tinder is a simple application to use that offers spectacular results! Everything is based on a reciprocal like system: you scroll through profiles on your screen and when one of them pleases you, you swipe right. If you do not like, you send the profile to the left and you will not see it again!

If a profile you like like you in turn, then it’s a match! The two interlocutors are connected and can start a conversation.

Tinder is a very effective application that is intended primarily for ephemeral meetings, because of the superficiality of the selection method. We rely almost solely on photos on Tinder. Do you like this girl’s smile? Swipe to the right! The abs of this gentleman attract you? Swipe to the right!

It works wonders, as long as you have the right pictures! The best dating app? Surely !

# 10 Zoosk

The Zoosk mobile application is the most popular dating system for users of social networks like Facebook. She uses your information to put you in contact with other users in search of love.

This application is recommendable for its very developed matchmaking system, which allows you to quickly chat with members with similar affinities. Registrants are numerous on Zoosk, because of its appearance on the market more than 10 years ago, but the application fishing on 2 points:

It must pay to use it completely and the weight of the years begins to be felt on its interface and its features, too traditional. So book those who want to link Facebook or Google plus to a dating app!