Swipe Buster, the website to find out if your partner is using Tinder

The Swipe Buster site has been offering since last week, and for the modest sum of $ 5, to check if your partner is registered and active on the Tinder dating app.

A new tool at the disposal of all the dull lovers who doubt. Even if everyone agrees that to preserve a couple there is nothing better than dialogue, it can be tempting to search the phone of his lover (s). Especially in a society where adultery is just a click away.

Quite controversial, Swipe Buster is a site that makes online spying very easy. Yes, easier than memorizing the password of your other half.

Discreetly unveiled last week, the service lets users know if their partner uses the Tinder app. Their partner, or their ex, a co-worker … Anyone does it.

Personal information of Tinder stored on the Web

To do this, simply enter the first name of the person (Tinder does not use the last names), his age and his geographical position. To retrieve the data, Swipe Buster explains that it uses Tinder’s API (application programming interface), which contains some information about people registered on the app.

Mashable Tech‘s journalists have studied the API and discovered that this data is not so easy to find, contrary to what the Swipe Buster creator assured Vanity Fair. But Tinder does not even hide this data – it just masks the activity and login information of each person. If you know how to use an API and analyze the data collected, you will be able to access the details that many users would prefer to keep for themselves.

By searching by name, age and location, Swipe Buster customers will see all profiles matching the criteria. They can then find the person they are interested in using the photos available via the API. Only photos used during the last login of the Tinder user are visible. Among the information, it is also possible to see if the target of your spying is looking for men or women on the app. It all costs $ 4.99.

Although many people support these practices to denounce an infidelity, the company ensures that its purpose is not necessarily to point the finger at dishonest people.

Raise awareness about privacy on the Internet?

The creator of Swipe Buster, who calls himself Carlos, explains in an e-mail to Mashable that the purpose of the application is rather to help users realize how much their personal information is available online.

“The main problem is not related to Tinder,” he explains. “People have far too much information available about them on the web, they should know more about the privacy rules of all the services they use, and hopefully this debate will open the eyes of many people.”

Using Tinder’s API is not illegal (and this is not the first time this has happened), but it is “interesting” to note that the creator has chosen to make his service pay.

A phenomenon that is not new

Swipe Buster arrives less than a year after the massive hacking of Ashley Madison, the site that encourages extramarital affairs, in which the personal information of all users (mostly men) was revealed.

Revealing and confronting an unfaithful person on the Internet is not a new phenomenon. Several blogs are even devoted to the registration of these people. “Player Block” allows you to register a person as unfaithful by entering their name and phone number in the database. It is possible to search on this database to find a person. “She’s a Home Wrecker” is dedicated to recording people who have broken couples.

Overall, Internet users today are rather informed about the fate of their personal data. They are quite aware that social services and networks often sell this data to a third party. But as the Mic website pointed out, a service that exposes the details of the love life of users could be dangerous – especially for women – in cases where the partner is violent or authoritarian, and would seek to supervise his or her spouse. Tinder has not yet responded to our requests.